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Off Site Office Help is a virtual assistance center providing service to small and medium businesses nationwide.

We offer professional real estate support for your real estate or property management business, professional billing services, marketing/mailing services and general administrative services, including data entry and transcription.
Whatever your industry, our virtual administrative services and assistance allow you to focus on growing your business with no long term commitments.
With over 20 years of administrative experience, we guarantee high quality service with a personal touch.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

“A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and/or technical services. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional VA assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis." - Faxing Simplified

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Off Site Office Help

Phone: (815) 955-2660
Fax: (866) 438-5906

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